Step 1

Provide Details

You provide us with full details of your preferred room choice, what you want and what to avoid when we are matching your request to a hostel or apartment. You tell us things such as university you attend (to help us get hostels nearby), whether you’d love to book a hostel or an apartment and the facilities you’d want to get (as well as things you wouldn’t want) in the room we’ll book for you.

Budget is also specified when booking to help us get you a room of your choice without having you juggle between several pictures.

Step 2

Get Matched

Once we receive your booking request, we’ll check through all your detailed preferences and select the top three hostels/apartments that matches the choices you selected when sending the booking request. We will then contact you through your preferred means (usually the combination of phone calls and Whatsapp) to help you arrive at one final choice. Most times though, we’d narrow it down to one hostel/apartment to hasten the process and get you your room as soon as possible.

It is important to note that no room would be booked without your confirmation.

Step 3

Reservation and Payment

After we have matched you to a particular hostel/apartment and gotten your confirmation, we’ll place a (temporary) reservation at the hostel/apartment or make a booking for you. This depends on whether you want to pay through us (which we’ll make a booking for you) or pay at the hostel/apartment (which means we’ll able to make a temporary reservation of 18-24 hours).

If you choose to make the booking through us, payment options available are: Mobile Money, Bitcoin and PayPal and we’ll issue you an e-receipt which would be presented to the hostel/apartment custodians when you are moving in.

Step 4

Move In

Once your entire booking process is complete (either by booking through us or paying at the hostel), the custodian would issue you with a receipt of payment (issued by the hostel/apartment) which would signify that you have cleared and are rightfully the occupant of the hostel room or apartment. You can then move in to your new room.

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